3 Essential Data Recovery Tips for Small Businesses

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3 Essential Data Recovery Tips for Small Businesses

Most small businesses rely on their important data and files to be stored and accessed on the company’s computers whether they be desktop or laptop devices. We all know that such technology devices have a life span and most will eventually fail for any number of reasons including power failures, cyber attacks or even natural disasters.

It’s vitally important for any small business to have a data recovery plan so important customer and financial data is not lost. Here are three data recovery tips for your business:

1. Always Back Up Your Data

Most data recovery and security companies will tell you that you essentially need three copies of your important data and files. One copy is obviously on your computer’s hard drive and is most likely accessed on a daily basis.

Make sure that you use up-to-date software programs to ensure your data’s security such as virus protection and firewalls as most cyber attacks happen while your computer is connected to the internet. Even when you have excellent security protection you still need to be vigilant, especially when opening attachments on emails, as some of these can contain quite malicious viruses.

You should also have a second backup copy of your data on a separate hard drive which is stored off site. Set up a regular backup schedule, at least once a week, to back up your data onto this hard drive and store it somewhere which is secure and protected.

Thirdly you should have another copy of your data stored on an online cloud based storage facility. There are many options available here and you will find some good cloud based server facilities by doing a little research. Once again set up a schedule to automatically back up your data which can easily be done once a day.

2. Use a Professional Data Recovery Company

Never try to recover your data yourself if you’re not a professional in this field as this may cause further damage or even permanent data loss. Always contact a company to perform flash drive data recovery on your system if you believe that your files have been compromised or you believe that you have lost some data.

Make sure that you research professional data recovery companies to ensure they have proof of industry certifications and also security protocols. You want to ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable company to avoid your critical information being stolen.

3. Watch for Signs of Hardware Failure

Quite often, your computer will give warning signs that a failure is apparent. Listen for clicking, whirring or grinding noises and if these occur, immediately shut down your computer. Make sure your computer is unplugged before you remove the hard drive to take it to your data recovery company.

Better still, give them a call as they may offer onsite visits and could you have you back up and running the same day.


Remember, as a small businesses it’s vitally important that you protect your valuable data and files from loss. Make sure you always have adequate back ups and enlist the services of a professional data recovery company in the event that you suffer a hardware failure and need to have your data recovered.

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