4 Great Ways To Improve Office Productivity

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4 Great Ways To Improve Office Productivity

What is productivity? It’s how much and how well you get things done within the time you’re provided. It’s also a measure of the quality and quantity of work you do when at the office.

Employee productivity is critical to every office. In any business, productivity is the main driver of growth and survival amidst radical shifts in the market and the economy. The more productive a company’s employees, the more work gets put out and the faster the company grows.

The recent interest in measuring productivity has created a niche for businesses like JJ Bender that provide efficient office equipment to help employees stay productive. By improving office equipment, you’ll be able to give your employees the tools they need in order to succeed.

Looking for ways to improve your business? Here are 4 great ways to help you boost productivity in the office.

1. Encourage Your Employees To Take Mini Breaks

It’s been proven that taking breaks boosts productivity. Studies show that employees who take a break once every hour perform better than those who don’t. Taking breaks will allow your employees to refresh their minds and avoid hitting a mental wall.

Studies show that creative ideas often come during downtime when your mind is able to roam and think freely. So, instead of allowing your employees to take only one break in a day, encourage them to take a short break every one or two hours to give them time to relax and recuperate.

2. Invest in Smart Equipment and Furniture

Your office equipment, furniture, and fixtures play a big role in influencing your employees’ productivity. Office equipment, as simple as a commercial printer, when not functioning properly, will end up frustrating the employees – making them more unproductive. At JJ Bender, you can browse through multi-purpose smart printers that you can purchase or lease. Equipping your office with smart equipment will not only reduce time spent in operating the machine, but also the time spent on manual work done by employees.

3. Promote Collaboration And Social Interaction

Weekly brainstorming sessions or open forums will foster collaboration and social interaction in the office. This does not only nurture free flowing of fresh ideas but also improves the wellbeing of your employees. Moreover, this practice also promotes inclusiveness in the organization. Encourage your employees to contribute to the team and reiterate that all ideas are correct. With this, productivity will increase alongside your employees’ morale and well-being.

4. Be Open And Ask For Feedback

There will always be something that you might not notice. With this, open office setup and fostering feedback sessions are important in any organization. This will help both sides air any concerns or suggestions to make working in your office more efficient and convenient. This can be done through the monthly town hall sessions or a brown bag lunch with the team. You can also consider adding a box where employees can drop a note anonymously. With this, you get to boost your employees morale and you will also know exactly what your employees need to make them more productive with their work.

Jumpstarting high productivity in the office can easily be done through simple tweaks in the office and consistent encouragements to your employees. Don’t wait until low productivity levels put you behind your competition.

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