4 Ways to Make Money off your Land

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4 Ways to Make Money off your Land

It is indisputable that land is one of the most valuable assets a person can have. Regardless of the size of the land, type of the soil, or even location, land can turn to be so profitable. You can increase your income from your portion of land if you use it creatively, and by greatly doing so. What are the ways that one can achieve maximum financial gain from his/her piece of land? Here we take a look at some of them.

A. Putting solar panels in the said piece of land.

Having solar panels in your piece of land is an initiative that leads to production of electricity. Solar panels basically absorb the sunlight before converting it into electricity by using Photovoltaic cells. This electricity, in turn, can be sold to those without electricity or even to firms. Solar panels do not depend on land quality or anything, just size to accommodate more of them. Besides, there are no much expenses required apart from the installation costs.

B. Selling a Cell Tower Ground lease.

This is an agreement between a cell tower property owner and a cellular carrier that puts up the the tower on the property. This can be quite lucrative to the site owner, but it all depends on the value of the site to the tenant and the terms of the lease. In most cases, selling the lease is advantageous as it provides the site owner with large amounts of money. Here you may find more relevant info about where to begin.

C. Putting Wind power turbines to produce electricity.

Having wind-driven turbines in one’s land is another sure way of making money from any piece of land, whether small, dry and agriculturally unproductive. The wind energy turns the two or three propeller-like blades on the rotors, which in turn produces electricity. This electricity can be used while the surplus sold through the grid. Just like is the case with solar panels as said earlier, there are no much expenses incurred in running/managing the turbines, except for the installation costs.

D. Putting up an advertising electronic board.

Electronic billboards are computer-controlled electronic displays that are used to advertise using LED. These boards always require strategic point to erect. Advertisers always look for a property that is easily spotted, very reachable and land that is located along the road or at the junctions and roundabouts is hotcake. You can always give up your land for such activity and you’re paid handsomely.

It is evident that no land is of no value at all. It only needs some little creativity and the owner of a small piece of land smiles all the way to the bank. Each of the above-discussed options is cheap to implement and maintain. For instance, when installing solar panels and wind turbines, chances are there is a third party to do the installations, most probably the sellers/manufacturers. Besides, there are electricity consumers who shall pay for the services. As for both putting up an electronic advertising billboard and the Cell tower ground lease, a third party is always involved, that goes ahead to pay for using the land in the said manner.

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