5 Tips for Influencer Marketing Success

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5 Tips for Influencer Marketing Success

Do you want to significantly grow your business through influencer marketing? You are not alone. Many companies are now using powerful marketing campaigns to yield fantastic results for their company, and there is no reason why your business cannot follow suit. All you need to do is read our 5 top tips for influencer marketing success.

Know Your Niche

You probably have a great product you want to share but may not have the platform to do it. Thankfully, there are influential bloggers and social media users out there that can drive traffic to your website and boost your online following.

However, before you reach out to any old blog, it is important to identify your niche. If you had the audience reach of a successful influencer, what posts would you create to drive traffic? Who would be your core target audience? How would this alter your marketing campaign? Once you know your niche, you can then start thinking about the type of influencers that fit the type campaigns you want to create.

Identify the Influencers

Context is everything in influencer marketing. If you want to advertise your software company, as nice as it would be, you probably wouldn’t ask Beyoncé to advertise it to an audience, because it might not drive a lot of traffic to your website. Think about the type of influencer you would be appropriate to associate with your product, such as a beauty blogger, activist, industry leader or celebrity.

The Communication Process

An influencer will more than likely be able to take their pick from the brands they want to work alongside, so you must create a pitch that makes them want to work with you. You must, therefore, be both compelling and relevant in your approach, so they will feel genuinely excited to share your content.

However, keep the message to no more than 150 words. Influencers will not want to spend their days reading pitches from companies. So, simplify who you are, what you would need from them and the compensation amount. If you don’t receive a response right away, don’t be afraid to send a couple of follow-up emails.

The Payment Process

Most influencers will expect payment for their recommendation. It is, therefore, important to weigh up your influencer marketing rate against your program KPIs. For example, if you are hoping to gain 100k likes on Instagram for a $20,000 budget, you must ensure the flat fee divided by the average likes is $0.20 cost per click. Be smart with your compensation fee to successfully maximize your ROI.

Influencer Marketing Software

Developing an effective campaign can be a lot of hard work unless you utilize the right influencer marketing software. You can select from millions of influencers to complete your business objectives while eliminating the need for spreadsheets. You can also monitor a campaign, easily track your ROI and export reports to share with a team.

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