App is Giving Tough Challenge to Stock Market Advisors

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When we think of stock markets, the advisors seem to be indispensable. And there is a good logic behind it – it is the fact that it is too risky to foray into financial markets without good knowledge. But then financial advisors can be expensive – In fact, they usually are. So how is it apps are bridging the need for the same? Let’s explore.

Today, the apps are outsmarting any other portal when it comes to acute availability of the information. A typical stock market app gives you access to key ratios, news and everything related to individual or collective factors at one go. it makes a job of an investor so easy. There is no constant wrangling or deep research involved to get into the information – everything is right on the app.

Experts are wise and know a lot of things we, an average investor might miss out. However, with apps providing so much of top research content for free, it is now increasingly easy to make decisions based on the data. There are many companies that are deploying large resources (one of them is IIFL Markets) and are giving out those reports for free of cost – without bait and switch. That one of the most important things that are making it attractive for investors to switch to the mobile apps completely.

Consulting an expert can get very expensive – let alone hiring one full time, but apps stay with you, tell you about the news and recent happenings, and you can access it all right through on palms thereby making the information accessible and both cost and time effective. With apps, you don’t need to fix appointments or worry about making notes to think about financial decisions.

There are many apps which are doing a major overhaul in this field, and they are getting a taste of huge success. One of the noteworthy apps in this arena is India Infoline’s IIFL Markets. With over 80% positive feedback, it is one of the key apps that is making headway into the world.

This app has intelligent smart notifications, unparalleled infrastructure that optimizes data and battery use.

IIFL app has tens of features, including live tv, archives related to your stocks and one tap trading which  don’t just replaces your financial advisor, but also the effort of calling and talking to your broker before executing the trade.

IIFL app uses predictive analysis to put up smart options.  There are other apps two, but most of them either lack features or display a sheer inability to do some of the most basic tasks related to the stock markets.

No matter what people might construe, but one thing is certain – the future of apps is bright and apps like IIFL would certainly lead the way. Most of the people are doing away with financial advisors and switching to apps, and it might just be one of the biggest savers of your trading costs in the times to come.

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