Five Startups Evolving the Web Economy with Shrewd Business Tactics

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Five Startups Evolving the Web Economy with Shrewd Business Tactics

It is the people and their ideas, which have made the web, based economy a greater success in the last decade. The start-ups of yesterday have become the tech giants of today and drive the economy with commanding hand. In this rapidly growing market opportunity for the start-ups are still unlimited as it were a decade back. For achieving greater success, web economy needs multitude of start-ups to keep working and experimenting with their ideas and business strategies. Here are few start-ups, which have made up their mark by following unconventional and unique ways of doing business.

1. Sharewall
Sharewall is a young start up, which generates content, and users get to access the content in exchange for a social media. This simple tactic helps it in reaching to wider audience and its readers get more free content. It is also building new ways of monetizing the content in an appropriate way for publishers.

2. Mobilizr

Mobilizr has effectively tapped in the selfie frenzy of the millions of citizens with its mobile app, which allows the users to become brand ambassadors, and they get rewarded for the photos they post. The idea behind this initiative is extremely simple wherein a brand posts a campaign idea and Mobilizr users just post their selfies and other images as per the guidelines. They get rewarded with real money for each like, comment or share their picture.

3. Atosho

This start-up allows the publishers to turn their sites into ecommerce engines and sell their content directly to the concerned consumers.

4. Webydo

Webydo provides a sphere on the cloud platform for the designers to build and manage their websites without the need of any coding. It makes the creation of websites highly professional and less time consuming at the same time.

5. Wibbitz

This start-up has built an innovative technology, which creates news summary videos based on the text content of a post.

These start-ups have shown that with right attitude and keen marketing strategy they could easily evolve an idea into a big success.

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