Developing a Result Driven Email Marketing Campaign

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Developing a Result Driven Email Marketing Campaign

Crafting a single brilliant marketing email is fairly easy and straightforward; however, developing a result driven email marketing campaign can be somewhat of a challenge. Designed to cover all the basis, marketing to both leads and established customers, it is more than a simple outline of your goals.

Varying Aspects of Successful Email Marketing

Your strategy will also provide the steps needed to achieve your goals. A time consuming process, it it’s important to start simple- as in a crawl before walking manner; this allows small business owners to efficiently track the success of varying aspects within their campaigns.

The steps provided by well thought out strategy will ensure that marketers aren’t aiming for perfection only to fall short of good and that you’re able to implement well thought out email campaigns. Here are some ideals to consider that could help strengthen your marketing strategy.

Site Triggered Emails

Triggered emails are a powerful tool for Small business owners who don’t have time to send daily emails to potential leads while also catering to established customers; it is greatly beneficial to e-commerce sites which offer the shipping cart feature.

With conversion rates and revenue increase being 16x more in comparison to your usual online marketing campaigns, this strategy takes advantage of customers established interests. Known as the Abandoned Shopping Cart emails, E-commerce site owners are able to remind costumers of the items they left behind and even offer a discount on certain items providing greater incentive to purchase.

The idea is to create an efficient response template to encourage sales of abandoned cart items and offer additional merchandise based on consumer shopping habits. Formulating a promising incentive as a reminder that you appreciate their business is a productive way to continually market to established consumers. Using a professional email-marketing provider, like GetResponse, you can set in place an automatic response system, which not only provides reminders, but offers alternative merchandise which might interest them Using the various templates; some of which come with coupon formatting.

Calculating ROI With Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns hold the highest rate of engagement from customers of any online marketing technique. This shows where small business should focus future investments, both in time and money, and also where their strengths and weaknesses lie within their marketing program; however, it might not be as easy gathering the data to create the most plausible formula in calculating the return of investment [ROI].

The proper ROI calculations can help you identify exactly how much has been earned per customer, the approximate production costs for various email campaigns, and it can even show what aspects  generated the most sales  within each marketing campaign.

When establishing a basis for ROI, you have to first make an educated guess as to the costs of implementing a successful campaign. Next, put your marketing emails through the recommended A/B Testing while monitoring results and metrics of various email campaigns. Try using an online ROI calculator to collect data, which helps you, recognize the pitfalls and potential your estimated budget could have. 30 minutes of work could result in email ROI improvement, which will ultimately mean a stronger marketing strategy in future email marketing campaigns.

Testing & Email Marketing Optimization

Email marketing is most efficient because it is the most measurable through A/B split tests. Having created several versions of a particular campaign, you can test out failing aspects of each template. The end result is a highly successful email strategy including goals for improvement in both design template and engaging content. Accounting for segment differences, between both leads and established consumers, split testing can be used to optimize your entire marketing strategy leading to higher sales and conversion rates.

An easy start is trying out different subject lines; this is one of the more crucial aspects of email newsletters, because the perfect subject line peaks consumer interests. Meanwhile, a poorly drafted subject line goes unnoticed or worse, to the spam box.

Client Specific Email Marketing

The goals is providing universal content for our general customers, yet personalize email messages so that they seem tailored for each individual subscriber. This might sound like a loaded task, but ultimately it can be achieved with the right combination of each customer data, a well-developed content strategy, and clever writing. Creating relevant messages will easily result in higher conversion rates and a loyal following of subscribers.

While a lot of email service providers are still bulk email systems, you can take a surplus amount of consumer data and transform it into valuable incentives on an a personal level; for example, you can take purchasing history, contact info, as well as consumer preferences, you can design a customer profile which allows you to craft the ideal tailored messages.

The most important thing remember, is avoid vague content and focus on encompassing the basic preferences of your consumers. This is the first step in segmenting your marketing campaigns as you create email templates for both leads and established customers. You also want account for engaging frequency with target segmenting to ensure your reaching your intended market at their desired times. Note: email frequency will differ among segments.

Develop a Result Driven Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing strategies require action before having all the information on hand. It is a process of trial and error, correcting your marketing techniques as you progress, and designing your ideal results. With each idea, you can optimize your email marketing to increase ROI. Start taking the necessary steps to improve your marketing strategy and allocate resources properly; the result will be exponential growth in online business and incoming revenue.



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