Devices to Make Your Life Easier in the Office

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Devices to Make Your Life Easier in the Office

Office life can be varied and busy, but some tasks are repetitive or stressful. Fortunately, there are a number of innovative gadgets on the market that improve productivity while reducing stress on the mind and body. Here are five devices that will make your life easier in the office:

USB Cup Warmer

Tea and coffee might not be part of your job description, but for most office workers, it’s an essential part of the day, keeping us pepped up and hydrated. However, the nature of office life means that hot drinks are often interrupted by important phone calls, impromptu meetings or printer issues. There’s no need to come back to a tepid drink – simply pop your mug on a USB cup warmer and it will stay at the optimum temperature indefinitely. There are lots of different designs available, and some include extra USB ports as an added bonus.

Digital Pen

While some office tasks can be performed on a PC, laptop or tablet, there are many occasions when you can’t beat a pen and paper. Digital pens, also known as smart pens, are capable of transferring your writing or sketching to a computer or mobile phone. This means you can brainstorm, take notes or even draw a map of a meeting venue and instantly have a digital copy as well. Handwriting is transformed into text, and the best thing is it feels like an ordinary pen.

Electric Stapler

Despite it being possible to conduct a lot of administrative work on a computer, there will always be a need for paperwork in the office. As such, you likely have to staple documents on a regular basis. Traditional staplers require a lot of force to bind a multiple-page document, and when it goes wrong it can damage the papers or even cause injury to your hands or fingers. They can also be difficult or painful to use if you suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or other ailments that affect mobility in the hands. An electric stapler will make light work of document-binding, and they often include features such as flat stapling, which means documents can be stacked evenly and you won’t get a scratched desk.

Portable Scanner

Whether you’re in the office, at a meeting or on the move, a portable scanner is a handy device that converts documents into digital form. Compact and lightweight, you can instantly create digital copies of printed documents, handwritten notes and receipts. The scanned images can be transferred to a computer via USB or saved to an in-built SD card for later retrieval.

Bluetooth Headset

Office workers tend to spend a lot of time on mobile phones, but it can be awkward to hold the phone whilst performing other tasks like typing or going through documents. A Bluetooth headset means you can dig out the paperwork you need or even walk around the office while you take that important call. Lightweight and wireless, the headset connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and is charged via cable. Many models include noise cancelling technology to eliminate background noise, and some can connect to multiple devices or offer voice control. There are single-ear versions and ones which fit over both ears, with various styles available to suit individual requirements.


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