Five Ways You Can Help to Ensure Employee Satisfaction and Happiness

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Five Ways You Can Help to Ensure Employee Satisfaction and Happiness

Small and medium sized businesses can often find it hard to compete with large companies that are able to pay the big bucks in terms of salaries. Finding qualified employees, and then keeping them, can be somewhat challenging. Here’s the thing: salary isn’t everything. There are a number of incentives and things you can do that will help sweeten the deal and make sure you’re finding and retaining the kind of employees you need to succeed.
Here’s a look at five incentives and actions you can take that can help ensure job satisfaction.

Initiate a Rewards System

Here’s an incentive that can work extremely well for companies: looking into different reward systems that not only reward but motivate your employees can create job satisfaction and an increase in productivity. There are all kinds of different reward systems you can use, such as offering extra vacation days, travel perks, bonuses, and gift cards and vouchers, among many other things.

Offering a Legal Plan

Why not provide your employees with a group legal plan that allows them to focus on their work rather than outside legal matters? This is very similar to a dental plan, or a medical plan in that it gives the employees peace of mind should they have a legal issue in their life. Legal issues can be extremely taxing both financially and mentally, which will of course affect their performance at work.

Career Advancement Opportunities

It’s hard to stay motivated in a job that is going nowhere, doesn’t offer any sort of advancement or enrichment training, and therefore will never pay them more. Giving your employees the tools to succeed, and providing career advancement opportunities, benefits everyone. The employee will have something to work towards and feel motivated, while the company will benefit from someone who is extremely productive and has plans to stick with the company.

Career advancement opportunities can often lead to less turnaround in a company since you are able to hire and promote from within.

Recognize Achievement and Success

An employee who feels valued is one that is happy and productive. When your employees do an exceptional job with something, be sure to recognize them and let them know how much they are appreciated. Perhaps you can create a recognition board or a company newsletter that recognizes these employees for what they have contributed. This can also be tied in with the rewards system.

Encourage Input and Feedback

A company cannot possibly run with just one person doing the jobs of many. With that said, it’s a great idea to encourage input and feedback from your employees. They are the ones in the job, seeing things first-hand, therefore they can provide you with a different perspective. Again, this also goes back to an employee feeling valued and appreciated since you are letting them know that their voice and opinions matter.

Creating an environment that fosters job satisfaction and happiness is a win-win situation for all.

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