The Future of Marketing – Expect Highly Specialized Professionals

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Within the past few years the whole focus of marketing has become increasingly specialized and the projection for the coming years is that it will become even more so due to a number of factors within the markets themselves. Perhaps the biggest influencer in specialized marketing is technology. As technology advances so too does the ways in which we use it and to date, technology has become a huge vehicle through which marketing is accomplished. So what can you expect in the coming years in the field of marketing? Here are a few thoughts on the matter.

Increasingly Focused Markets

One thing that has come to light is that there is no one-size fits all in marketing. Not only is it a matter of generational gaps and demographics, but each industry is also becoming more focused as well. Where marketing was once a “Jack of all trades” approach, we have learned that this just doesn’t work. There is no one size fits all. Take, for example, the computer industry. Even a decade ago that field was largely based on the PC. Laptops were more expensive than the average person could afford, they didn’t have large enough hard drives and battery life left a lot to be desired. Today most laptops are at least as powerful as desktops and have hard drives and removable memory that is equal to, or larger than, many desktops even still on the market. Few marketers target desktop users anymore because it seems to be they are a dying breed in all but business applications.

A Degree in Marketing Will Probably Be a ‘Must’

Years ago marketing agencies brought young, enthusiastic individuals in off the streets (so to speak!) and raised them up to be a sales force with few skills other than the gift of gab. Now it is becoming almost a requirement that even entry level associates have a minimum of a degree and many are getting online marketing degrees from schools such as Arizona State University while also learning the ropes at marketing agencies. At this early stage they are not being given accounts so they are not yet account execs, but they are working the phones and on general tasks, freeing the account execs to handle clients’ accounts.

No Longer the SEO / Content Specialists

Just as marketing is taking on a whole new focus and is getting much more highly focused, so too is the whole field of content. It is becoming more and more common for content creators to be either hired in house or outsourced, freeing marketing execs to actually devise strategies and campaigns. Content writers are also becoming more highly specialized with some concentrating on web content, others on press releases and others yet on articles and blogs for back links. As you can see, the entire market is becoming more specialized and that’s why someone with an online bachelor in science in marketing would not be doing the content writing but would rather be focusing on an SEO keyword strategy which the writers would put into effect with their content.

In the future, you are likely to see even more specializations than are currently being evidenced and this is a very good thing for clients. Marketing agencies are contracted to help sell products and as every aspect of marketing has a different focus and needs a different set of skills, you would be getting cheated if you didn’t get professionals on every level. If you find a one-size-fits all agency, it’s time to look elsewhere. If you’re looking for pros, it’s not one person wearing many hats. It may be many hats under one roof, but all are experts in their field and that’s just as it should be.

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