Ideas For Getting Your Employees To Stick Around

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Ideas For Getting Your Employees To Stick Around

Hiring the top employees is a big accomplishment. The trick is getting them to hang around for a long time and become devoted to the company. It takes more than wishful thinking and a pat on the back. You need to have plans in place that make them feel wanted.

It’s good practice to get together with human resources and brainstorm what you can do to attract and keep the best employees in the business. It’s worth the effort because then you aren’t wasting time and money replacing people on a regular basis. Use the following ideas to help you get started.

Show your Appreciation

Speak up and tell the employees who are doing an excellent job that their work is impressive. People like to hear when their hard work is being noticed by management. Call individuals out in meetings and send emails highlighting individual achievements. This will also create a bit of a competitive environment, so that the other employees will want to work hard to get recognized too. Be consistent about showing your appreciation and not just when it pops into your head.

Reward them

Employees love to be rewarded, especially with items like concert or sporting event tickets. It’s easy to purchase them when you visit, so scan for upcoming performances and games and gift them to worthwhile employees. Surprise them once they hit a particular milestone or achieve a goal as a group. Your generosity will not only motivate your employees for next time, but they’ll also be more inclined to stick around at the company. This kind of reward is thoughtful and valuable, so your staff’s likely to be very receptive to it.

Offer Attractive Incentives

Although you have to work within budgets, don’t forget about offering fair and incentivizing compensation and benefits packages. Consider ways to work in commissions and bonuses if possible. Your competition will be doing the same, so you have to be willing and able to be an attractive option for someone you want to keep at your company. These types of offers are also great motivators to not only get your employees to do an excellent job, but for them to go above and beyond.

Ask for Feedback

Employees want to be heard. They get frustrated when they don’t have a voice. Have a process in place for collecting feedback from your staff. Give them multiple outlets for speaking up and voicing their questions or concerns. Take their comments seriously and work to rectify the situations as quickly as possible. Have an open door policy and allow your staff to walk in whenever they want and have a discussion about what’s on their mind. These are great insights for you and the management team. The worst scenario is to have disgruntled employees without you knowing why they’re upset.


You should have processes in place for rewarding employees if you want them to stick around. Implement solutions right away and make sure everyone’s on the same page. Enjoy watching your best employees feel appreciated and be glad they want to stay.

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