Improving Your Employee Retention in Four Easy Steps

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Improving Your Employee Retention in Four Easy Steps

Your employees are what will make or break you. Hire the right people from the start and help them grow so that your company will benefit. The more loyal your employees, the harder they will work for you. You want them to consider your success, their success. To create a workforce of loyal employees, implement these four suggestions today:

1. Start with Their Workspace

Every employee, from your oldest to the newest hires benefits from a great, safe workspace. Having a safe workspace means keeping your equipment and your building up to code. It means having a first aid kit in case of injury. It means having a policy in the event of an emergency that all employees are trained and ready for. Having a safe workspace also means having anti-harassment policies.

2. Encourage Them to be Healthy

A healthy employee is one that has more energy and is happier. Encourage your employees to eat healthy and to get enough sleep. The natural energy that being healthy and the feel-good benefits will create a better, more productive workforce. Help them out by giving them a means to store home-made food and to even cook their own lunches in the break room. You don’t need to have a stove, but having a convection toaster and a fridge can help your employees be healthy.

3. Have Effective Communication Systems

Not everything needs to be communicated directly. For instance, if your employees need replacement conveyor belts they should be able to simply fill out a quick digital form for you to review and approve on later (ideally within the day). There are also instances where direct communication isn’t ideal, as when one of your employees wants to report someone for harassment. Have an effective communications system that outlines how your employees can relate information back to you, with multiple options for them to choose from.

4. Give Them a Future with You

Employees won’t want to give you their all if they don’t believe they have a future with you. No one wants to work a dead-end job, and nearly everyone has goals that they want to achieve. Help them reach these goals both within your workplace and outside of it. Helping your employee take a night course that will further their expertise within your company is in your best interest. Similarly giving your employee one extra day off to pursue their passion won’t hurt your company as much as it will give that employee more reason to love working for you.

Further, make it clear from the start that your employees will always be considered first when a new position becomes available. Make it clear how your employees can move up the corporate ladder as well. Giving your employees a clear path on how they can advance is how you’ll have loyal, hard-working employees.

Having a great company culture means your employees will enjoy working for you. When they enjoy working for you, they have a bigger incentive to work harder and better. Capitalize on this effort by rewarding them and helping them achieve their goals.

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