Marketing to Today’s Professionals – What They Look for from Brands They Deal With

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Over the years marketing has undergone a number of changes. Mostly, marketing trends follow the money and this is the case when marketing to today’s professional. Those who are seeking high-end, luxury products are millennials who are in the upper wage bracket of the middle class. This group of consumers has very precise ideas of what they consider to be acceptable marketing and unless brands and products can conform to their way of thinking, they will most definitely lose out to the competition, even if they, themselves, have better products.

Packaging Is Key

Marketing is so much more than advertising, although we have come to think of the two terms as synonymous over the years. Although advertising is a part of what marketing is and does, it is only a part of the whole process. When marketing products for today’s high-end consumer, packaging is a critical component. Millennials want that classy appearance that tells them they are buying a product with distinction.

It has even been found that this trend carries over to the cannabis industry! Whereas there is a mindset that those who use marijuana are mindless stoners, this couldn’t be further from the truth as 65% of active users have household incomes that top $75,000 a year. To this group of consumers who visit dispensaries regularly, packaging of their cannabis is often high on their list and most marketing today caters to a luxury marijuana market.

Today’s Consumer Seeks a Connection

When marketing to millennials, it is imperative to understand they seek a connection with brands they deal with. For this reason, social media is a vital part of any marketing strategy. There is nowhere better to connect with brands than on social media so if you carry a high end product line aimed at a luxury millennial marketplace, stay active in social media to build a huge following. These will be the most loyal customers you could ever hope for.

Are You Environmentally Conscientious?

Millennials also want to know that the brands they deal with are environmentally conscientious. They want to know that these companies use recycled or sustainable materials and that they are working to radically reduce their carbon footprint. That luxury packaging mentioned above? It might be luxurious but make sure it is also sustainable or the one will cancel out the other! How can you have luxury packaging that harms Mother Earth? It’s unheard of in millennial culture!

By recognizing that you are probably going to be marketing to millennials, the biggest group of consumers ever who long ago bypassed boomers in numbers, you will know how to mold your strategies to suit what they want to see. They want connection and they want their brands to be ‘real.’ They want to know that the earth and the ecology is just as important to you as it is to them and they want luxury. They may want to get back to nature, much as their grandparents did in the 60s, but they want to do it in style. If you can accomplish that as a marketing pro, you have just found the secret to effective marketing in the 21st Century.

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