New York Gets back its Long Lost Skyline

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New York Gets back its Long Lost Skyline

The city of skyscraper was challenged by a terror attack 13 years back on 11th September. Manhattan’s skyline was changed forever. The twin tower or the world trade centre was perished to ground and took away with it the life of 2700 people.

After a long wait of 13 years, the city got back a settlement. The new One World Trade centre is open for business. A mammoth structure rising to 104 storeys, dominating the New York skyline made a pocket pinch of $3.9 billion from the port authority of New York and New Jersey, the owners of the twin tower plots.

Exceptional piece of architecture and their man-made marvel


It is built on the 16 acre area left barren after the twin towers were brought to ground. The new world trade centre has anall-new design and is taller than the previous towers that existed on the same place 13 years ago.Many high authorities and Conde Nast’s CEO declared that the new One World Trade Centre can be considered to be the safest commercial or office building in USA. It will be filled by about 3000 employees once it is on full roll by 2015. Various media companies and publishing behemoths will have 5 floors of the esteemed estate at their disposal.Already 60% of the building’s commercial space is on lease to various reputed corporations. 80,000 sq ft of space is given to companies like Kid’s Creative, BMB Group and many such bodies.

Regaining the Manhattan skyline

It will cast its shadow over the National September 11 Memorial and museum, with an intention to reflect honor to the victims of the brute terrorist attack. This serves as a milestone on Lower Manhattan with will represent the bright sunshine after the dark night.

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