How to Remove Unwanted Items from a Photo

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How to Remove Unwanted Items from a Photo

When you are in a public place, it is hard to take a perfect photo because there are people are walking around here and there. The photo that you snap may end up including some strangers who happen to walk pass without knowing that you are taking a photo. With Movavi Photo Editor, you don’t need to snap the photo all over again anymore. It features an object removal tool that can remove any person or objects that shouldn’t be in your photo. The tool is perfect for removing crowds of people at a beach when you just want the beach photo to features your kids. The following is a simple 4 steps guide on how to get rid of unwanted people or object that appear as obstacles in your photos.

1. Load the Picture with the Unwanted Object

To remove person from photo, you must first load your photo into the work area. If you don’t load the photo, you will not be able to edit it. There are many ways to open your images and the easiest way to do so is to click on the Add Media Files button. If you drag the photos to the work area, your photos will also get load into the software.

2. Utilize the Object Removal Tool to Remove the Unwanted Object

Now that the photo is load into the software, you can go to the Object Removal tab and select the red brush tool. With red brush tool, you are to mark the people that you want to delete from your photo one by one. If the object appears small in your photo, you can use a smaller brush size. You should increase the brush size to mark a larger object. The brush size can be easily adjusted to big or small by dragging the brush size slider.

It is easy to make a mess in the photo with the brush tool and you will find yourself accidentally marking other objects that should not be marked. A quick way to remove all the red marks on the photo is to click on the Reset Selection button. Sometimes, the background of the unwanted object is complicated and this means that the software algorithm will find it difficult to copy the replacement pixels. In this case, the spot of the unwanted object will surely appear distorted after you press the erase button. This is the time when you can make use of the clone stamp tool.

3. Using the Clone Stamp Tool to Fix a Distorted Image

The clone stamp tool can transfer the pattern that you copy from another part of the photo onto the spot of the erased object. It will take some time to clone stamp the area until it look perfect. To clone stamp an area, you must first select the clone stamp tool and then move the mouse cursor to the area that you want to copy. To copy an area, you must hold down the Alt and press the left mouse button at the same time

After that, you can move the cursor to the target area to paint the pattern from the source point.

4. Saving Your Photo

As a reminder, you must always save your photo by clicking the export button before quitting the program otherwise all the changes on the photo will be lost. You can save the photo in JPEG low to high quality. The higher the quality, the more details it has and the larger the image file size will be. Movavi Photo Editor supports three compression methods including packbits, lzw and zip. Packbits’s compression is lesser than LZW. Compressing your photo in LZW format can reduce the size by about half size. Zip format is best for compressing 8 – 16 bits photos.


In conclusion, the object removal tool in Movavi Photo Editor is a great tool for erasing photobombers that happen to walk across when you are taking a photo. It will automatically fill in the selection with a pattern that is similar to the surrounding. Removing unwanted elements in your photo with Movavi Photo Editor will not take much of your time and it can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

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