Aftereffects of the Gas Price Hike

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Aftereffects of the Gas Price Hike

Due to the gas price hike that has occurred recently there is an upcoming news about a huge amount that is to be extracted by the RIL, says a reliable media source. It is being heard that as a revenue, the Niko resources operated by the RIL has come up with this idea of getting the amount of Rs.144 crore so that the gas pricing ensures profit to enhance the gas services even more.

Reasons Behind the Hike

At first we have to know the reason behind the sudden hike in the gas prices. Actually extracting gas is really a tough and expensive business and as because the resources are getting lesser day by day the cost is also increasing. RIL has decided to take the revenue so that it can be used up in order to make the extraction process a lot easier. The recent news says that though there has been no final decision and no meetings regarding this as such yet this fact seems to be serious enough to be possible. Though it may seem that the price rise is getting a bi tough for the middle class people yet this is a good thing for the upliftment of the gas supply.


The decision to take the revenue has been termed as a positive motive by the media as because this will promise that RIL will put the money to a good issue and the extra charges are not being taken up by the individual gas supplying companies. Yet what the gas companies are saying quite a different thing. It seems to them a loss to give up such a lump sum as revenue charges as according to them the extraction projects need a lot more fund than it actually seems to be. Thus you now know that your hard earned money is now being put to use in the right manner, isn’t it?

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