What Personality Traits Make Someone Most Suitable for a Career in Accounting?

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What Personality Traits Make Someone Most Suitable for a Career in Accounting?

If you are deciding what to do for your career, whether you’re starting out as a young person or are looking to retrain and switch careers at a mature age, accounting can be an attractive option.

Accountancy is always in demand because it is something every organization needs, from big businesses to small ones and even non-profits, charities and the public sector. It is also something you can now train for quite easily thanks to online masters of accounting degrees which are offered by some great educational institutes like Maryville University.

However, this type of job isn’t for everyone. Some people find the work boring whereas others find it interesting, and you also need to be the right sort of person to work effectively as an accountant.

Leadership Skills

One aspect people often don’t consider is that as an accountant, you are often offering guidance to your employer or client. You may be in a more junior position, or an external service provider, however you are trusted to guide them in the right direction when it comes to finance – generally the most important thing for most businesses. You therefore need to be someone who is confident enough to be honest with someone – even the CEO of your company – when they are making mistakes or should change something. This is effectively leadership, and while you can learn a lot about it, you need to be that kind of assertive person to be most effective.

Good Concentration

Accounting work can require you to pore over data and figures for hours at a time to finish a job, and this means you’ll have a much better time of it if you are someone who easily goes into a focused mode of thinking and isn’t easily distracted. If you enjoy analysis and concentrating for your work, however, you may even find parts of the job relaxing!

Attention to Detail

Another important trait for people who want to work in accounting is a good eye for detail. Mistakes can be costly for your employer or clients and so you need to be someone who is good at going through things with a fine-tooth comb, and who is prepared to double check everything. Accountancy can be well suited to people who have a level of perfectionism and are prone to spotting discrepancies and working to fix them.


Lastly, someone who will do well as an accountant needs to be very comfortable with numbers! This may seem obvious, but it’s a trait a lot of people don’t have, and you’ll need to work a lot harder if you are someone who is intimidated by math concepts.

If you think you have the right traits to be a good accountant and are interested in this kind of work, then why not start studying for your masters of accounting online today and set yourself up for a rewarding and lucrative career doing something you would be great at?

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