A Few Things to Remember When Designing an Exhibition Banner

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A Few Things to Remember When Designing an Exhibition Banner

You can use an exhibition banner when you are invited to a trade fair or an exhibition. You can post information about your business and have it printed on the banner. During the exhibition, you can also place employees to explain the details written on the banner. More often though, the banners have to communicate clearly on their own about what your company stands for.

Therefore, it is extremely important to use the best roll up banners possible. There are a few things that you need to remember so that you can get it right.

Be bold

If you are invited to an exhibition or trade fair, you can expect other businesses to be there too. It is extremely important for your pop up banners to stand out. People will be walking around. They will most likely be attracted to pull up banners that catch their attention. If possible, you need to use bright and bold colours. You need to use bigger fonts for some text. You should also use catchy phrases.

Play with shapes

A pull up banner does not necessarily have to be vertical. It can be horizontal too. It can also be opened and closed like a book. There are a lot of different choices when it comes to pop up banner designs. It is extremely important to have something that stands out from the rest and will easily catch the curiosity of people at the event.

Get straight to the point

In as much as you want to explain every detail about your company using the roll up banner, it is not practical. You need to use short but concise words. Everything must be understandable immediately. When people pass by and have a look, even just for a minute, they should be able to know what your business is all about. This is what an effective banner should be able to do. If you place the history, mission, vision and other irrelevant information of your business on the banner, expect people to skip it.

Make sure it is sturdy

When looking for a company to print exhibition banners, it is important to find one that will ensure the quality, not just of the banner’s content but also of the material used. The banner along with the stand must be sturdy enough. You don’t want it to keep swinging, especially if placed outdoors. People will be afraid to come closer if they think their safety might be at risk. You also don’t want to make a scene for the wrong reasons.

Once you have figured out what to write on your banner, you have to go over it again just to check if everything is perfect. Once you are certain, then it is time to have it printed.

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