Women Forms the Critical Part of The U.S. Economy

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Women Forms the Critical Part of The U.S. Economy

In the recent times, women entrepreneurs had become a major force in the U.S. economy. Currently women start the businesses at twice the rate of the men and approximately half of the owners at 46% of private firms are being held in the country.

Economic Statistics Shows the Women Owned Business in Positive Light

US economy had shown impressive progress post-recession in terms of increasing the jobs, which had resulted mainly due to two majors players, one being the giant public companies and other were women-owned businesses. More interestingly just 2% of women owned business had effectively made a brisk US $1 million in revenues. On the other hand, men owned business are 3.5 % more likely to reach that $1 million threshold.
Reasons Behind the Success of Women Entrepreneurs

The running of the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program for last seven years had empowered the women with right balance of knowledge, which is needed, for achieving success. EY program is designed for the women, as it understands the needs of the women entrepreneurs in an effective and decisive manner.

EY group, which compromises, of some of the leading women and men in the industrial sector had facilitated the education of the women entrepreneurs. This community had a great effect on women, which had resulted in accelerated growth in women leadership, and it had even provided a serene and fertile environment for the women to take bold decisions, engage stakeholders and give a mark of courageous leadership.
A live webcast was initiated by the EY group in September to help women entrepreneurs in a positive way and build their confidence. This program is a competitive leadership program which identifies the select group of worthy women entrepreneurs both in US and Canada whose business tends to have real potential for further scaling up and the EY just help to do it. This program is also being expanded to various other countries in the world.

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